Psu advice for new gpu

Hi guys,

I've done a bit of upgrading recently, with a new gtx560 ti on its way and an increase to 8gb ram.

Next on the agenda is a new mobo and psu. for now i just want to talk about the psu (although appreciate the new mobo may influence.the decision of psu).

System is currently comprised of;

Athon II x4 2.6ghz
8gb ram
gtx 560ti

for now im getting a new psu only, my current one works fine but i have plans for a second gtx 560 ti and i know i currently can't power 2! Budget is no more than £50, but could stretch a little if this is impossible! What comes recommended?
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  1. From what I can see, Wikipedia hints that you need 14 amps on the +12V rail to run the card. If you want to use SLI, this becomes 28 amps. Add 7 to 10 for the other components and you're looking at 35 to 38 amps being needed. That does not include overclocking. If you intend on overclocking, then you'll need even more than 38 amps - the more you overclock, the more amps you'll need. Still, even with overclocking, you might get away with a 600-watt PSU, of which likely has 50 amps on the +12V rail.
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