Cooler Master evo on a 8120 FX

I have an 8120 FX i dont think the stock cooler is a good cooling system for it since when im gaming it kinda goes nuts trying to cool it down...Would a Cooler Master 212 Evo be a good choice of a cooling method for my cpu?
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  1. yes if it fits.
    What motherboard, case, and which ram slots are filled?
  2. i have an M5A97 am3+ NzXT case only 2 ram slots are filled at the moment.
  3. which nzxt case?
    good coolers are tall and we need to make sure the case is wide enough.
  4. Well my friend just bought a 8120 fx bulldozer and got a whole new different fan then the one i got on mine...i think they just gave me the Phenom 2 fan...Anyway i got myself a cooler master 212 evo so i shouldn't worry too much, probably gonna get a new case as well any case i should look into?
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