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Getting a psu for my new build. Planning on getting 750w to be sure everything will be powered easily.
Out of these, which would you suggest? Also, is it worth the price difference for the higher end ones? $90 $150 $150

Which would be the most worthwhile one to choose? Also, would 750w be enough to power:
i5 2500k at 4.5ghz
sli 560ti with small overclock
like 1 hdd, 1 ssd, and about 5 fans?

Or should I try and get like 800 to 850w ones?
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  1. 750w should be fine. Personally I'd go with the first psu because it is cheaper and does work as an excellent power source. Additionally, it also has a good life span to last you another build or two.
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    I would get the PSU from the first link if you don't care for modular and ok efficiency.
    if you want solid build quality (and silent) modular, and efficient go for seasonic.
    The seasonic doesn't use the fan if its under 20% load i believe.
  3. I'd stick with the Corsair. They have been so good to me.

    70 bucks after promo code and MIR for a 750w 80plus silver PSU with 7 year warranty and 62amp single 12v rail.

    Cannot be beat.
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