Upgrading ATI GPU's with Q6600 Rig.

Looking at upgrading my GPU, had a 4870 die on me. I have a q6600 only runs at 2.6ghz for now with 2 gigs of memery.. Looking at upping the memory and Overclocking more, but my question is what Gpu's to get. I have a crossfire motherboard. And I am looking at the 6800 series. I hear the 6950 is good too. But Newegg has a 6850 saphire for 120 dollars right now. I am thinking 2 6850s in CF for 240 bucks is my best bet. Any ideas guys? So If I can somehow get my q6600 up to 3.0 or whatever, what would be the strongest video cards I could throw at it. -Thanks Miles.
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  1. I think you would be better off going with one 6950, I think having one powerful card that you can crossfire later with another for more power is better than being stuck with two mid-range cards.
  2. no sense to crossfire on an ancient platform...a single HD6870 and a modest overclock of ur cpu will suffice until you can upgrade to a better platform like Sandy Bridge for example
  3. In theory, 6850 crossfire will give you batter FPS than a 6950 or the equivalent GTX560ti.
    But, there are some potential issues.

    1) Will you have to pay for a stronger psu?
    2) Will you have to upgrade your case cooling?
    3) CF of weaker cards may subject you to microstuttering. That may be more annoying than a lower fps.
    4) Is your cpu good enough to drive the cf configuration to it's higher fps potential?
    5) Before you upgrade the graphics card, get 4gb. Lack of ram is costing you more performance than you might think.
  4. Yes 4 gigs of ram is a must, and thank you for the replys. I was just hoping to get a single card and then CF soon or later on if the CPU could handle it. I have a nice antec case, My PSU should be a 550-650watt gaming PSU(hopefully Doesnt need upgrade). My antec case does have hookups for liquid cooling.
  5. I agree with the poster who advised you look at a 6870 alternately a 560 would be fine. If you wish to take your Q6600 further which I have done. If you do the sky is the limit on how much card you can buy. @ 3.6 I see no reason not to buy anything but a dual card such as the 590 or 6990 or possible avoid the 580 unless you plan on keeping it for the next build.
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