How to determine my CPU FSB? Looking to buy new MOBO


I am looking to purchase a new motherboard that can give me more overclocking options and support more RAM.

I was looking at:

and I saw that it says, "Note: FSB800 CPU only support DDR3-800"

My current CPU is a Q9550, and I know when I go into the BIOS I see that the FSB is 333, but what does it mean by a FSB800 CPU - and how can I determine if my CPU is a FSB800 CPU or greater?

Thank you! :D
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  1. Welcome to Tom's Hardware Forums!

    That is for the RAM; 800 MHz limitation if you get FSB800 CPU (other CPUs will support higher RAM)

    To find out specs of your CPU and other components in your computer, download and run "SPECCY"
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