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My new build boots for 1/10th of a second and then shuts down

i built a computer for my brother today with the following specs:

cpu- i5 2400
gpu- radon hd 6850
psu- 850w copper certified
MoBo- ASRock H61ICAFE LGA 1155
ram- ripjaws (1333)

i think i put everything together right...

it just won't boot correctly.
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  1. i think one of the parts is probably faulty, though, i need help narrowing it down
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    Sounds like a RAM problem.

    Push it in harder, then take the battery out for 30 min and stick it back in. Then try to turn the computer on.

    - Edit - Just to verify, you do have the 20 + 4 connector in the 24 pin slot on the motherboard and the 4 + 4 pin connector in the 8 pin slot near the CPU, right?

    Also, you do have the standoffs in, correct? The motherboard shouldn't be screwed directly into the case wall.
  3. What have I done! I never used standoffs! Is my motherboard permently screwed? If so? Does it usually take out other parts with it?
    Ugggggh.. Newb mistake! :(
  4. Your motherboard may be OK. A lot will depend on your power supply. It is supposed to electronically shut down when it detects a short.
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  6. Thanks for all of the help :)
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