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HDMI to VGA (Any display problems?)

The graphics card I want had 2 DVI ports and 1 HDMI port. My monitor is VGA only though. If I were to but an HDMI to VGA adapter, would I not be getting HD display? Does the VGA port limit display too much? Thanks!
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    what do you mean by HD ? if you're monitor supports 1920*1080P then you should have no problem, but i guess it doesn't because if your monitor support full HD then you would have a native DVI or HDMI port.

    VGA output lags in 1080P anyway, it will be fine for you starting from 1024*768 to 1444x resolution, up from that you'll experience color inaccuracy and sharpness in the pic quality.

    EDIT: No problem with converters anyway.
  2. I have a 1366x768 monitor. And wanted to have 720p. Was wondering if VGA was able to handle it. And from your post I can see it will be fine. Thanks!
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  4. 720P is not a problem, a lot o members here experienced lag of RGB colors using the VGA output running the 1680x resolution, better get a full HD 1080P monitor if you're concerned about Full HD & Bluray Movies. :)
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