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Is my PSU big enough for 6950?

I am sure this gets asked a lot so I will be quick.

I want to run a Radeon 6950 which I think needs a minimum of 30amps for a single 12 volt rail. MY PSU has appears to have 2x 24amp 12v rails. It is a Seasonic S12 and putts out 620 watts.

The website makes it look like it is a single rail with 48 amps, but that is NOT how it reads on the back of the PSU. IT says +12V1 24A, +12v 2 24A, and below that says 576 wats.

I will also have:
1 7200 HD
Intel i5 2500K

Will this power supply be ok with that 6950 graphics card?

This is the specific GPU I am looking at:
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  1. You'll be fine.
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    You'll be fine. The GPU doesn't need a single rail with 30A. It needs a PSU that can output a total of 30A. (more is usually better.) If it can do 576W, then 576W / 12V = 48A total output. This is more then enough for a single 6950.
  3. 576/12 = 48. So it looks like it indeed can provide 48A combined on 12V rails. NOTE: normally amperage on different 12V rails is not additive, but this looks like an exception.
    EDIT: ^ beat me to it.
  4. Seasonic has a habit of doing that. In my wifes computer she has a seasonic built Antec EA500. Two rails, both rated at 17A, 34A total. I have the newer Delta built Antec EA500D in my computer. Two rails, both rated at 22A, 34A total. They just raised the OCP limit in my PSU, otherwise its the same PSU. Always do the math like I did because its the right way to do it. NEVER just add them together. You might get the right answer, but its the exception.
  5. youll be fine
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  7. Thanks for the quick and informative answers-- they are greatly appreciated.
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