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Due to the cheap price, dedicated graphics card, and a fairly new processor, I've come to the conclusion the Lenovo Y570 is the best for me. I may be wrong, and that is why I'm here :) What are your thoughts and opinions? My budget is 700-900, and I have to get a laptop since I will be attending an university next semester. I plan on gaming for hours in the summer, so my biggest concern is overheating with this laptop. Here is the link.
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  1. Hi :)

    For that price you are going to be gaming in most games on LOW....

    All the best Brett :)
  2. Not travelling so much anymore, my laptop just sits in the corner (most of the time). Keeping a laptop cool is a big issue (especially one used for gaming). A cooling pad used religously helps a lot there. I like Lenovos, they seem to be well built (and I find that one particularly nice looking) and have nice features. I think it should serve you well through school (or until BF4 or some other GPU hungry game is released).
    If you can afford it, add SSD.
  3. SAve more $$ and get a ultrabook, some awsome ones are on the horizon, I personally like the Samsung 9 series at the moment.
  4. The y570 has the worst performing of the 555m models available, almost half the ability of the top model. I would suggested a refurbishd asus or msi gaming laptop from newegg for the same price but they seem to be out of stock except for an $1100 G73 model.
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