I forgot my router paswword... um my router is connected to my modem through the ethernet cable. Then modem to computer. I use admin as the password but then they erase the password and has me re try... but lemme get this straight, I hold the reset button for 30 sec. on my linksys router. Then I type in the in the address bar. But it takes me to a verizon page. I clicked on an option such as wireless setup and has me type the password and username (i know i dont need it), but then admiin doesnt work.... :cry: so how do i get my router to work? and have my systems connect to it?

Btw my ipod touch shows that i have wi fi from my router but then when i go to safari it says that its not connected to the internet. :cry:
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  1. disconnect the router from the modem and try to log into the router again.

    once logged in change the LAN IP from to in case the default IP of the router is conflicting with the modem.

    setup your wireless security

    connect router back to modem
  2. Better yet, connect directly to the DSL modem and change it to Bridge Mode.
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