Nfs most wanted not working on windows 7 after install d3dx9_26 dll

what to do for open it?
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  1. Is this a media install or from a download client ?

    If it's from media (CD/DVD) I'd suggest a reinstall, you could always download direct X from MS but it will be bundled with the game and included in the installer.

    If you downloaded the game, you might want to look for a way of verifying that the game downloaded correctly and none of the files are corrupted.

    As I say you could download a Direct X package from MS and install it over the top but DX installs tend to be customised by the game devs, so I doubt this would solve the problem.

    I think your best bet is to do a full reinstall if you can. Unless the game installer comes with a repair function (which I doubt but you never know).
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