Upgrading my GPU ~ Need Help

Getting a new GPU.

Here is a link to the specs of my computer -


I swapped out that shitty 300w for a cooler master 450w psu a few months ago

So to the point

I need a new gpu, currently I am running an ATI Radeon HD4650.

I play WoW, and I am able to run on low/fair with high fps, but I want to be able to play on high/ultra.

I was thinking of getting an ATI Radeon 5670 but my motherboard only has the PCI Express 1.0 slot, and the 5670 says I need a PCI Express 2.1 http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814150535

Help me out, I dont want to waste like 75$ on a card that might not even work.

Also, would a 450w psu be good enough for that card? Tyvm
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  1. 450w is so much more than you need for 5670. you could have ran that on your 300w. if i were you go with a GTX 560 (non ti version). that requires a 450w PSU which is what you have. make sure you have 2 6 pin pci connectors. this card will run WOW on ultra. it runs battlefield 3 and skyrim on high for me! :)
    if you dont have enough money go with a gtx 550 ti anything less than those cards isnt worth the upgrade iin my opinion. your cpu may bottlneck those cards though :(
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