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Hey guys,

In a nut shell i built a computer a few days ago and ever since I have been having a myriad of problems with the system. The components I have installed are as follows:
Asus p8z68 pro gen3
Msi gtx570 twin frozr iii
PC Power and Cooling PPCS760 Silencer Power Supply - 760W
Intel Core i5 2500K LGA 1155
Kingston HyperX blu 8GB DDR3-1600 (PC3-12800) CL9 Dual Channel Desktop Memory Kit

The build and initial setup went without a hitch and I was able to instal windows 7 64bit to my HDD. The next morning I woke up and the computer had shutdown during the night and I was unable to get the computer to boot. The fans would power on but the computer would fail to reach the BIOS and after idling like this for a minute or two shut itself off and immediately tried rebooting itself. Repeat the process a few more times and you see where I am going. I also was not getting a signal from my integrated graphics card or my gtx570 to my monitor during this time. Eventually after unplugging the computer and draining all the power from the MOBO I was able to get the computer to boot after 1 failed cycle as described before. After using my computer for maybe 45 minutes it completely crashed on me out of nowhere while browsing the internet as if I had pulled the power cord out. Immediately following this the computer attempted to reboot itself but got stuck with the fans spinning and no beeping and repeated the process one more time until it booted. I have checked the BIOS... switched out the ram from a nearly identical system which is in working order... and attached a new PSU... everything I have done has lead me to the same results (random crashing and multiple failed attempts at Posting until it finally successfully boots. At this point I have deemed the issue my MOBO or CPU with the issue most likely being the MOBO. Does this sound indicative of my MOBO having an issue and would my best option be to exchange it and hope it fixes the issue? At this point I am lost and hoping someone can help. Thanks in advance everyone!
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  1. I would think if it ran fine during the initial setup and for 45 minutes so you could browse the web, It's probably not malfunctioning hardware, if it was, I think the problem would be consistent, not intermittent.

    Did you try turning off the automatic restart option in windows? that way you can see an error code when it BSOD's.

    Edit: Here's a link
  2. You have a nearly identical system?

    Perhaps you can install the parts from the bad one in the good one and see if that breaks the good one?

    If it is close to the same you should be able to test everything but the motherboard this way. That would narrow it down.

    It also wouldn't hurt to do as Jeremyp said and turn off automatic restarting. You can check the error logs too to see if there are any clues there as well.
  3. I am going to try turning off automatic restart in windows and check for error codes. I guess the fact the computer won't post after trying to initially boot and sometimes won't without completely flushing the power leads me to believe it is hardware related. How likely is it the problem lies outside of the hardware?
  4. My guess, like 1%.

    That is why I asked you to try your parts in the other computer if they are compatible with it.
  5. Ok so I went ahead and swapped parts back and forth from each computer and the only thing I didn't exchange was the CPU's since I don't have any thermal paste at the moment. As things stand the defective computer still won't post and i replaced everything except for the MOBO and CPU. In the operational computer I placed all of my "defective" computer components including the harddrive )minus the MOBO and CPU) into the machine and everything booted successfully. Suggestions?
  6. Are the CPUs both 1155s?

    You might be able to take off the processor and the heat sink in one piece without having to mess with the paste.
  7. yea identical processors both i5 2500k's. I can't remove the processors without removing the heatsinks first.
  8. Consider paying $10 for some more paste then, I guess.

    I don't know any way other than switching processors to narrow it down any further than this.
  9. thats what I am going to do and hope that something fires up
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