What is a good psu that will work with my build

k, so im looking for a psu that will work with my system that is a recommended brand but for fairly cheap...

my build:
i7 3770k
Thermalright silver arrow
Asus p8z77-v-lk
16GB ddr3 Gskill xmp ram
Azza spartan case- it has 3 120mm fans in it and i will add 2 more
1 Mushkin chronos 120gb ssd
1 Seagate 64mb cache 7200 rpm

HOW Big of a psu do i need? is raidmax/azza/rosewill/ocz good companys

and what is a good but cheap psu that will work.
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  1. Since you will have the 'K' processor you will probably overclock.

    Good brands of PSUs are Corsair, Seasonic, Antec.

    Look for one of these on sale - between 500 watts and 600 watts. Higher wattage is fine; modular is great!
  2. you list no video card so I assume you are not using one? if not this corsair is more then enough power and an excellent price

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