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I just built my first computer a few days ago and it is running beautifully (i5-2500k, windows 7 pro 64 bit, 8gb RAM, Gigabyte z68X-UD3H-B3 mobo)...except for the graphics card.

I noticed that once I launched Steam and tried to run Bastion, it was telling me that I did not have a graphics card that could handle the operation. Since I spent $150 on my Radeon HD 6850, I figured it was a driver issue. I downloaded the driver from the ATI website, installed it, but still cannot get it to pick up the driver. Instead, if I look under display, screen resolution, advanced settings, I'm seeing under adapter type, "vgasave".

I've googled that issue to oblivion, but I'm not sure how I can fix it for windows 7. Any pointers would be much appreciated. TIA!!
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  1. First start by uninstalling the existing AMD garphics driver package through Catalyst Control Manager in Control Panel/Programs. Reboot. Download and run CCleaner ( ) to eliminate any registry error problems. Run the Clean and Registry both. Fresh install the latest AMD Catalyst/Driver package for your card/operating system. I've had several HD 6850s. With that processor it should play any game on the market.
  2. Thanks for the response - I actually ended up taking it to a technician (free, so hurrah for that) and he said the video card was shot. Returned it, got a new one from Amazon within a day (gotta love Amazon Prime) and it worked no problem :) And yes, I am loving my gaming desktop now!
  3. Congrats. In my estimation, the HD 6850 is the best gaming card you can buy for ~$150
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