Running .exe puts CPU usuage at 80-95%

On my other computer, I am trying to run an .exe which is a game. This is the actual installer and I can't even get it to open.

The file is 1.83GB.

Whenever I run the .exe it basically just freezes, not the computer, but the application. I don't get to an installer screen or nothing. Everything just goes slow and I get the little hour glass mouse icon.

This is on Windows XP.

I right clicked the program, and went "unblock" for "this file came from another computer security blah blah" and hit OK. It does the same, freezes up.

I checked the computer's performance and when I try to run this program the usage floats between 80 and 95%.

I left the program for 30 minutes, nothing opened.


I should add that there is no application running when going "alt ctrl del" and I don't see any process for this exe.
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  1. What are your systems specs?
  2. Win XP sp3

    AMD 64 3400+
    1GB RAM

    60GB of HD space left on main
    150/150GB free left on second HD
  3. you're running a pretty old setup. An old CPU with pratically no memory and a HDD thats practically full of course you're going to have problems. I would max out the RAM to 4 Gig's and get a second HDD.
  4. but I don't understand...

    I have installed games on this computer already through installers and the games were big.

    This is with one .exe file

    The computer is old yes, but I still don't get the problem.

    The main Hard Drive is 80GB, 60GB left, not much installed.

    It has a second Hard Drive with 150GB, I want to install this game on there, but I can't even get past this exe.
  5. Maybe it has something to do with a compatability problem.
  6. And which game might this be you are trying to install?
  7. the game is Counter-Strike Source. It's a non steam version used at a LAN event in France. I need it for watching old demos.

    I can give you a link if you want.
  8. anyone else got an idea? I might try redownloading it, but I don't think the exe is corrupted or anything. It downloaded fine.
  9. Hi :)

    There are NO non steam versions of CSS...the exe is probably trying to connect to STEAM...

    All the best Brett :)
  10. No I realize that. If this discussion is not allowed on Toms Hardware let me know. I do have a real copy of the game though.

    I need this "version" because if you know about CSS, demo files are unplayable after the major 2010 patch.

    This specific version is a non steam 2009 version from a large LAN event in France. It's the only version that plays my demos pre-2010.

    So I need it!
  11. sold the computer I was trying this on for $100 bucks so this topic can be locked.
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