Is this configuration ok ?

Hi everyone My name is PJ, I am looking to build a workstation, i will primarily run the adobe suite of graphics products, corel x5, and possible some gaming as i am game art and design major, now the following is what i have come up with, please let me know if i can make any changes without adding too much more to the price tag or of any incompatibilities, its been a while since i last built a rig so i am new to SATA and PCIE and any help is greatly appreciated.

And please keep in mind i would love a 3x sli or crossfire setup but as a student i cannot afford it, im barely gonna be able to get this and its only because im unable to run these programs with my current pc's. so ultimately it needs to run multiple graphics editing software and not cost me 10 grand.

Here Goes:
(this is all off of

Antec 1100 super mid tower

ASUS Sabertooth X79 LGA2011 SATA 6gb/s usb 3.0

i7 3930K Sandybridge-E 3.2ghz unlocked six core

Patriot Viper Xtreme 8gb (2x4) ddr3 1866 Pc315000 = 32gb total 8 sticks

Patriot Pyro 120gb SATA III MLC SSD

Seagate Pipeline HD 1TB

Coolermaster D3 1300watt modular

EVGA Geforce GTX460 2win Fermi 2GB 512bit GDDR5 Pci Express 2,0 x16

HP BD340i BluRay dvd Burner Combo SATA

Sound 5.1 onboard
Gigabit Lan onboard

CPU will be cooled by Corsair Hydro Series 100
Rest of pc is Air cooled via fan temp controller

Card reader / bluetooth / webcam etc etc.

2x Samsung E1920X 18.5 inch LCD

WINDOWS 7 Ultimate 64 bit.


Thanks In Advance. Please let me know if i missed anything
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  1. yowza, that's some system. It's a bit over the top, but if you want the absolute latest and greatest, you can't go wrong with what you selected.
  2. Well I know its not best of the best cuz that was costin 12 grand lol but I figured im gonna build it, might as well spend the extra money and make it future proof for the next 5-7 years as far as graphics software is concerned since ill be using it in my business as well.

    anyone please comment on the compatibility of these parts, I would greatly appreciate that before I go and start ordering. Also is my gpu enough.power to handle the applications ?
  3. Your PSU is a little over kill for the parts you have listed even if you add another card later on. If you replaced the vid card you have listed with 2 gtx 580s then added a few more hdds then you would still be a little over kill on the PSU.
    For what you have listed a good 750 w PSU would be fine. And would still let you add another 460 later on.
  4. Hi
    your system is really good...not sure you'll utilize all that ram...
    have you considered checking the quadro's a monster for professional graphics..
  5. I guess you are right about the power supply, however its really not that much less to go with a smaller one and i chose it in case a few years down the road i decide to swap out my gpu's for some newer even more power hungry monsters, and as far as ram I will be using 16gb of it as a ram drive.

    I have changed my setup to the following, and i will be adding ssd's / hdd's in the future as my need for storage space increases, please advise if i should still go with that quadro 5000 graphics card or these cards below in crossfire ?

    Im still debating but I might go with a bigger and much much more expensive Intel SSD any input on that will be helpful

    memory is now Corsair Dominator 4x4gbx2sets ddr31866 quad channel total 32gb (I like to run a lot of programs simultaneously and i will be experimenting with turning some of it into a ram drive) plus i don't like to see empty ram slots on my board lol....

    Graphics are now going to be 2x Radeon HD 6970 2gb in crossfire

    added Creative Xfi Titanium w IO panel sound card

    Added WIFI and Bluetooth

    Case is now a XSPC H1 super cube from to house all of my water cooling radiators n stuff

    Using 3 monitors NEC Ex231w
  6. I think you can get a better sound card also as creative seems to be really slow with updates to drivers any more.
    other than that I guess your trying to future proof the system. I mean really its your system every thing you have listed is nice and will work together fine.
  7. all i would do is buy a full tower case like the nzxt switch 810 i have it and it is amazing for water cooling and air cooling. also its very big wont fit on my desk!
  8. Bigger case = better. As soon as you get your parts and put it all together, your gonna want more room in it to show it off/keep it cool.
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