Belkin router plagued with problems

Hi i posted about this the other day and thought i had solved it but unfortuantely i havent.

i recently purchased a belkin wireless N router (f5d8633) and have been plagued by nothing but problems
like heavy downloading overloads the router and reduces traffic from the router to 8kbps, at which point i can no longer access the rrouter through IP, ive tried lowering the MTU that didn't help all my isp settings are correct aswell. and no it isnt my isp throttling me as even the dloads reduce to 5-8kb and the router is no longer accessible and resetting my connection to the router fixes it temporarily.
other problems include random disconnects to people using the wireless. random internet connection drops even though my connection is still up. and it takes ages to reconnect and never reconnects first try.

i e-mailed the place i bought it from and they said if it was tested as faulty i would get a refund. but i don't think it will be tested as faulty as ive read lots of reviews online for the router and it seems to be just a fairly bad product and if i do send it back i will also be left without acess to my internet for weeks as i dont have any money to buy another router.

so this is a last ditch effort to try and fix this.

the low speed problems seem to be temporarily fixed by applying default settings but after a couple of hours will start again.

my wireless dongle i use to connect to the router is a Philips Wireless USB Adapter SNU5600 54 Mbps 802.11 b/g (which could possibly be the cause of the problem as it only supports b/g allthough my router also broadcasts a g signal)

i can't connect directly to the router its in my sisters room due to where are phone line are.

i have tried. lowering MTU. resetting the router. restoring defaults. disabling firewall. disabling all the security and refreshing my ip.

thanks for any help guys.
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  1. Look for a firmware upgrade. The only Belkin router with a review on Newegg got 2 stars. Take it as a lesson that you should read reviews before bying something.
  2. no firware upgrade available :( i did look at reviews but obviously not thoroughly enough

    just been out and bought a really long ethernet to see if that will fix it .
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