M11x Network controller drivers missing

I recently upgraded my ram and hard drive in my alienware m11x (Q4n0p1) <- service tag. I uprgraded my ram from 2 gigs to 8 gigs and the HD to 500gigs from 200 gigs. Since the upgrade I had to reinstall all my drivers and windows 7 64bit. The disc I used was the one that came with this computer. So far I have done all my updates for windows 7 and installed all the drivers on the Dell page. My problem is that my Network controller drivers are not being detected and so I cant use wifi, all I can use is an ethernet cable. Please help me with this problem and reply for any more info.
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  1. I have downloaded the file and ran it, but even after restarting my computer it has no affect on my ability to use wifi. Thank you for the reply though :)
  2. ANSWER SOLVED!!: A recent update by windows concerning broadcom wireless N network drivers has fixed my wifi :) hope this helps
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