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Looking to build a new machine for a friend. Nothing special needed, but since I've built my machine I have not been keeping up.

Kind of an AMD fanboy, so I'm asking which would be better for a everyday PC?

A series, FX, or stay with the tried and true (1 Phenom IIX2, 2 athlon IIx2's)?

Basic use on his...........looking to skype, manage photos, videos ( no converting ), and web
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  1. Other parts not worried about, just looking for best CPU!

  2. For basic nongaming or light gaming use, the A series APUs.

    If you want to pair it with good discrete graphics, one of the other ones.
  3. For price and bang for buck, you really couldnt go wrong with a phenom 2, still the best chip AMD has made in a long time.
  4. AMD Phenom II x4 960T or something if im right should do you well on your light everyday usage even with games involved, and just go for a Sapphrie HD 6850 toxic or 6870 whichever is cheaper, it should last well enough if you ever do light gaming, and the phenom II x4 is good also for other light activities, although i like the bulldozer my self but still overall good
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    The FX 4100 is the king of budget processors . Performance is generally between the Phenom 965 and 970 , so its way better than the 960t which is clocked lower than the phenoms

    The other FX processors dont represent good value for money IMO , but the 4100 is all you should need .

    The mb needs to be AM3+ , ideally with a 970 or 990 series chipset to enable all power saving features of BD , and the RAM should be 1.5 volt or less
  6. imo best amd cpus:
    entry level budget apu, no dgfx : amd a8 3870k/3850 or a6 3650 (use ddr3 1600 ram for best cpu&gpu performance)
    cheap amd cpu, no igp: athlon ii x3 445 (may be combo it with a 970 mobo, 4 gb ram and a 6770)
    mid-range: phenom ii x4 960t b.e., 970 b.e., x6 b.e.,
    high end: fx 8120
    if your friend is into gaming, here's tomshardware's gaming cpu hierarchy chart:,3077-5.html
  7. yeah. fx 4100. it has loower tdp, consumption, better heat tolerance. Otherwise, if you are not looking to game on the computer, an A8 llano will also be great.
  8. The RANA x3 is a great chip for its price (60$) and it fits into the AM3+ slot so later it can be upgraded to a x8.. Both me and my sister have one in are gaming machines.
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