Need case of i5 3570K

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  1. Antec Three Hundred Illusion is on sale a lot. Has 4 fans and top one is bigger (140MM). You can use water cooling or air for cpu. One problem is fans used to come with Molex connectors. If you have new mb and want to plug them into it you will need 3 pin to molex connectors. Fans are only 2 wire so mb will get no speed feedback on the third wire. They may have updated the fans. I have had 3 of them but not in last few months. Photo shows they have not updated. Each fan has 3 speed switch H M L but you have to mannually switch them and mb can't sense speed.
    Runs cool with all those fans. One of these guys will ask if you are going to overclock. i have no experience with that but have had i5 2500K in that case.
    $5 off w/ promo code EMCNENJ42, ends 5/7
  2. my vote goes to HAF 912 and 300 illusion.take that looks better to you.
  3. ^ Stole my thunder again ! argh ! I'm gonna have to just start saying " What ^ he said " ... But yah op I agree with hellfire , both are very popular cases that should do nicely and at a great price
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    ^ :lol:
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