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Radeon HD 5670 graphics card will not boot

Hi all,

I am trying to update my Gigabyte GA-M61VME-S2 Rev 2.0 (current BIOS) motherboard with a new Gigabyte Radeon 5670 graphics card.

My current card is a nVidia 8600 GT connected to the monitor on HDMI cable and works fine.

The problem is the new Radeon 5670 will not boot and even the computer won't boot. The CPU fan is running but the GPU fan is only turning occasionally; but slowly.

I have uninstalled the nVidia driver and checked the PSU: Sparkle 400 watt.

What am I doing wrong? Or is the card bad?

Thanks for any help and suggestions.

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    you have to update a bios with a working system first then try the new card in
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