MSI GTX560Ti Hawk Power Requirements?

I have recently upgraded my i5-2500K build with a new graphics card over an existing Sapphire 512MB HD4870 with an Arctic Extreme Cooler to the above mentioned.

The specifications are:
CPU: i5-2500K /w Noctua C14 @ Stock
M/B: AsRock Z68 Pro3 Gen3
RAM: G.Skill (2x 4GB) DDR3 10666 9-9-9-24
HDD: Strontium Matrix 120GB S3
HDD: WD Cavier Blue 1TB S3
HDD: WD Cavier Blue 500GB S3 on S2 port
BOX: Thermaltake Dokker
PSU: Enermax Infiniti 720W

My Enermax power supply is showing a Red light at the back of it and when I try to press the power button; the fans on inside the system including video card, cpu fan, and chassis fan only spin for a split second and then there is an apparent burning electrical smell which later dissipates. I have modular power cables plugged into the 560Ti Hawk card and nothing happens as a result.

As soon as I pull the video card out and plug in the old HD4870; the system boots up straight away with no problem swhat so ever.

I am unsure whether it is the power cables from the power supply; or whether it is the video card itself; or whether 720W with 80 Plus certification is insufficient.

Advice anyone?
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  1. to calculate required power supply you can use this link

    but i think it is not due to power supply or cables
    maybe the graphics card is faulty
  2. Thanks for the advice there.

    I ended up trying the video card on another system and it turned out to be the same issue, although the power supply that i had running was a Coolermaster 650W.

    In the end I took it back to the place of purchase and immediately got a replacement on the same day. After plugging the replacement card back into the Sandy bridge system, it worked straight away.

    Although I would agree that it is very noisy once the MSI Afterburner is overridden to 100% fan speed to cope with the extreme 90+ degree temperatures.
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