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My main point for this thread is that I was looking at a case I was going to purchase http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16811146079 and was curious whether of not if I could put an LED fan on a fan slot that isn't actually labeled LED fan.
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  1. Yes you can. LED or non-LED, it won't make a difference.
  2. How bad of an idea is it to load a computer case with all LED fans? I want this thing to glow.
  3. Other than it looks ridiculous it's fine :lol:
  4. LED fans are OK;
    But if 'glow is your goal' you probably want to skip extra LED fans and go for internal/external custom lighting.
    That way you can control the location and amount of light your case emits.
    Custom case lighting options
  5. I had 3 black lights in my case at one point with tons of glowy blue cooling liquid going around my liquid cooling system. That SH was tight, man.
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