Confused on which board to go


The only people I know who can help are the members of the Toms hardware community! So I have a build put together, so far its:

i7 2600k
vertex 3 max iops
8gb of corsair dominator
v8 coolmaster heatsink.

Now, im lost on the motherboard to go, its for a gaming build, I currently have a 570 gtx for the video.

what im looking at is:


What are the differences? one seems to be 167 and the other 100. I would like a board that would allow me to OC to 4.5ghz safely, and from what ive read gigabyte does this.

I hope to hear back from you guys soon!

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  1. Hello stell4r;

    Z68X-UD3 did well when tested by THG
    THG review: Z68-Compared - Overclocking

    You can find a better CPU cooler than that CM V8
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