Cant undo CCC memory OC on HD4870

I had a brain fart & in Catalyst draged the slider to max OC (1100) for the memory on my Radeon HD4780 last night thinking " this should be ok because if it crashes it will reset to last working"... (got impatient with the 5% incriments)

but it didnt reset & now crashes within 1-2 mins of rebooting & just befor I can get into CCC to undo the carnage.

Is there a way to reset my card back to default clocks?

Safemode dosent work obviously becuse the drivers arnt loaded :(

Help please clever people.. im very sad & quite ashamed

* I reintalled CCC & the driver to no avail

dual core E6870 lga775
HD4870 latest CCC & driver
Win7 64bit 4Gb Ram
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  1. Open the CCC when you boot in safemode delete the current profile.
    The drivers may not load but the CCC will open.
  2. Thanks for the advice Spentshells.
    CCC wont open when in safe mode.. just says something about cant find drivers etc.

    But I have solved my issue.

    Found & deleted the CCC profiles in C:users/(profile)/Appdata/Local/ATI
  3. Sweet sorry I couldn't help
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