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Socket 939 cpu for gaming

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May 2, 2012 11:45:15 AM

Can I use a socket 939 CPU for gaming, and if so, which one?

I've got an old Compaq Presario that I have, and I wanted to know if I could turn it into something that can play some older, and maybe some newer games.

I will also whack a better graphics card and some more RAM in it, so can you tell me if this will be able to play games at a resonable FPS.


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May 2, 2012 12:00:16 PM

socket 939 is old, you could get a low end card such as amd 7750 and be able to play some games
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May 2, 2012 12:03:34 PM

I wouldn't count on being able to play new games at all.

Salvage what you can (HDD, ODD, monitor, keyboard etc) and build a new pc.
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May 2, 2012 11:19:52 PM

What is the best CPU for that socket, though?
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May 2, 2012 11:21:39 PM

Not worth the money at all.
May 2, 2012 11:38:17 PM

What is not worth the money?

Anyway, I can't currently afford a new pc, as I just want a multicore pc, as I only have another pc, which is a Pentium 4.
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May 3, 2012 12:19:58 AM

Even if you spent the money, it won't allow you to do anything more.

we're not just telling you this for fun, you simply will not get anything aproaching modern day quality. anything more than web browsing and a socket 939 is entirely useless.

the best you can get will be a 4800+ i believe (and even then, the motherboard might not support it). which is a 2.4ghz dual core. but just because its a 2.4 dual, its not going to give you 'good performance'. it would be orders of magnitude weaker than a i3 2100. and you probably won't find one at a reasonable price.
given the cost of a Pentium g620, a cheap h61 mobo and 2gb of ram, it would not cost you much to get a PC that actually performs well in modern applications.
September 21, 2012 2:46:22 PM

I completely disagree with the posts about the socket 939 system. What i do agree with is that 939 systems are old. I currently use a 939 system and it runs everything perfectly, World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandora (latest verson of WoW) works great w/ 65 fps and 35 fps at peek pve/pvp combat.

Opteron 185
Asus A8N-E
2 GB Ram
9800GT w/ 512mb
2x 1 TB Spinpoint Sata 3 gb/s HDDs configured for Raid 0
Windows XP Pro
all w/ stock settings, no OC

I plan on getting another 2 GB of ram and installing Windows 7 while I think about the next system I will build, most likely an AM3+ and use the 9800GT video card I have untill i'm ready to upgrade.

A socket 939 system is more than enuff to play old games and even some new games. Just dont spend more than $100 on parts.

The best Socket 939 CPU is Opteron 185 or FX-60
You will not be able to have more than 2 GB of ram if you use a 32bit OS
Also think about using your 939 system for a HTPC running Ubuntu 12.04, when you finally build a new system.
September 22, 2012 7:04:02 PM

I agree with LordEricX, Opti185 and max out your ram and a decent old graphics card will allow you to play plenty of older games and a few newer at low to medium resolution depending on the graphics card.
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September 22, 2012 7:56:17 PM

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