NetGear WG511T issues

Hi all,

I just bought a NetGear WG511T wireless PCMCIA card for my Compaq Presario 2131 AD Laptop. I have managed to install the device's driver and it is able to detect and connect to my wireless access point.

The problem is it will not able to get DHCP ip address from my access point. I have turned "ON" DHCP feature on my access point. Hence, i try to manually configure it.

My access point IP is
Netgard card IP is
Default gateway is
DNS server is

But, i am not able to surf net and not even can ping the access point ( After i restart my computer, windows show it has detected a new device which is "pcmcia mtd-0002". I
have no idea about what device is it, I google it up and i found some info about this problem. I am not able to find the driver. I have tried to download the lastest bios, i have upgraded the system bios but still failed... :(

Anyone has idea about this ?? please help me out

Kah Hoe
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  1. Are you using the software to connect or are you using Windows?

    Try putting the PCMCIA card in a different slot. Use the software that came with the card to connect to the wireless network.
  2. Also check for your router's latest firmware, might come in handy.

    Do you have WinXp SP2?

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  3. Hi,

    I have the latest router firmware installed. Yup, i have winXP sp2 installed.
  4. hi,

    I have use the vendor's software to connect, but it is failed also. I only have one PCMCIA slot.
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