Windows crash, BSOD, then won't boot anymore

Hi! I've just recently builded my new computer from scratch. Was my first time.

Everything went well, i installed a genuine Windows 8, my graphic card drivers, Steam and a couple game.

I played for a bit, then the game froze, my computer showed a BSOD (the "new" windows 8 one), and my computer shut down.

When I tried to get it to boot, my screen would show the windows logo for a couple seconds, then would go black and stay that way forever.

I have been able to bring up a "Troubleshooting" screen after a couple reboot. (

I formated the computer, then reinstalled everything. My computer then worked fine, like it did at first. After a while, thought, it crashed again and i had to redo everything once again.

I can reboot it with no problems. I did a disk check, everything works OK. I did a memory test, everything is great too. Installed SpyBot to check if anything was up, with no threat reported.

So what could be the problem?
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  1. Perhaps, some hardware issue. Make sure all the components are fitted together properly.

    If that doesn't help, you may have to contact Microsoft about the issue.
  2. THAT is the advice? Really? I see this a lot here on this website. Answer what you can and the questions you can't? Just pass them off. Laziest answer so far. If any of his hardware wasn't "fitted" right his machine wouldn't even turn on correctly to begin with. Perhaps even fry itself in the process. This is NOT a hardware issue in the sense that things were not "fitted" together. It is an issue with the hardwares drivers. Perhaps it has nothing to do with the hardware and is a software issue all together. If you can't answer a question diligently... Why bother answering? You're just pointing this user in the wrong direction.
  3. Read the OP's post properly. He said he had to reinstall Windows twice and each time that happened, his machine would crash with the same BSOD.

    If this was a software problem it would be solved when he reinstalled 8. But it wasn't. The only thing I could think of if you're getting a BSOD (which I maybe didn't mention earlier) is that some component is overheating, which will cause the machine to turn off.

    Check that your machine has sufficient cooling and also the game temps while playing.
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