6850 or 6870 and bottlenecking?

Hey guys I just upgraded to two 24inch 1080p Monitors from two 22inch 1680x1050 and my current setup is:

amd phenom iix4 955 @ 3.6ghz
nvidia geforce GTX260 superclocked
gigabyte ga-ma78gm-us2h
patriot memory 4gb ram
600w psu

I also have a TV next to me which I want to do triple screen for multi-tasking purposes, not for eyefinity gaming but I am pretty hardcore gamer :). I was looking into the 6850 or the 6570 for this job but have a few questions.

- 600w psu enough power for these?
- Will my gpu be bottleneck because of cpu?
- Which brand AMD card do you guys recommend? (first time using AMD ;D)
- 6580 or 6870 (with that said which one would be better for my system?)

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  1. ill go with 6870. Brand ASUS,GYGABYTE,SAPPHIRE,MSI.
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    Couple quick things:

    1) Most people dont understand the term "bottlenecking". That's when one component has more capacity for performance that is unused because a lower performance component is limiting it. Honestly, you need a slow dual core processor to significantly bottleneck most GPUs. Tom's did a great article on this about 1-1.5 years ago showing next to no bottlenecking on cards as fast as a 5870 with overclocked dual core processors compared to OC'ed quad core i7's (not sandy bridge but in gaming the last gen provides nearly identical performance). With your processor at 3.6GHz you'll be just fine!

    2) If you're not going to be gaming on multiple monitors, having those other screens up will tax your performance a little but it shouldn't be dramatic.

    3) The faster the card the better the performance. I'd recommend the 6870 over it's little brother since you're at 1920x1080 and are hardcore (hardcore parkour!). The brand really shouldn't matter too much; just look for a good deal. Most factory OC'ed cards are not a good deal on newegg or other site. Think I saw them available on newegg for $140-$150 after rebate. When you're shopping around also consider the GTX 560, Nvidia's competitor to the 6870. Either are a good choice. If you can stretch your budget a bit you could go for a 6950 1GB, which would be a nice bump in performance.

    4) Your PSU is plenty for any of the cards I mentioned.

    Cheers! Let us know what you decide!
  3. Thanks for the help.

    since im new to triple screen is the hdmi output shared with one the dvi? not sure if i need to get a minidp port to hdmi or somin for my tv.
  4. You'll be fine.

    6870 crossfire however, may show bottlenecking.
  5. In order to run multiple monitors you can use either the HDMI or DVI accompanied with the Display ports, which you will most likely need to pick up because a lot a manufacturers do not include these cables other than I think Saphire.
  6. thanks for all the response guys, i got myself xfx 6870 and couldn't be happier!
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