Computer restarted itself during prime95

Ok so I have a amd fx 6100 and i have it o\ced to 3.7 from 3.3, I was running prime95 stress test, the blend one where it tests ram and cpu, it was running about 20mins total, and i wasnt watching it the whole time but checking the temps every couple mins because I was having overheating troubles before I got a new cooler, but the temps i think were fine, after 10 mins in it was at 55 and throught the rest it didnt get over 57, that I saw, I know that amd's max temps are 70c and i was going to stop the test if it happend to get that high, but what happend was I looked at the temps using speedfan, then I turned around to change the tv channel(took mabey 20secs to find a channel) and i look back at my computer and its restarting. Only prime95 and speedfan were running.
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  1. Maybe you are not providing enough voltage to the CPU when you started to OC. There should be options to adjust the CPU voltage in the BIOS and it should only be increased incrementally. Perhaps the OC is overtaxing your power supply.

    Sorry, but I cannot provide you with any guidance beyond that since my last AMD CPUs were from the legendary Athlon XP series. Perhaps you can find some help in the Overclocking section.
  2. Increase your NB/CPU voltages and CPU Voltages, turn off the turbo core and power saving features and monitor the stability at higher clocks, if your PC is BSODing then you have voltage issues.
  3. In my bios has a overclocking genie thing where you can set everything including the voltage to a auto feature I think my psu can handle it, its 650w, Idk maby it was a 1 time thing, Im going to make sure that the turbo core and power saving features are turned off and try running prime again. ANd this may sound dumb but what does BSODing mean?
  4. Don't use the auto overclock or oc genie crap, do it manually and refer to guides, there is a guide on this forum in the AMD oc section from Ryan that will help, or refer to for further assistance.
  5. Ok, so the oc genie thing may have cause the restart? Ill look into that guide and see if me doing it manualy is a possibility for me(Very noobish when it comes to this kinda stuff)
  6. With OC its read a lot, learn and understand, do in moderation and work from there. You can always ask in the OC section for any advise but I would not just go ramming voltages through the components without any kind of knowledge or data sheet to track your overclock.

    And as for OC Genie, it is a no go, auto voltages are not really that good, it is often undervolted.
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