NZXT Phantom 410 case fans.

I'm currently putting together an update to my old phenom quad core and have really taken a shine to the phantom 410 case. I have a colour scheme in mind too but I am wondering if it is possible to fit non nzxt 140mm fans in the top of the case or do they have to be branded?

I've also been unable to find anywhere in the UK that sells nzxt's new FZ-LED fans,does anyone know where they can be brought?
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  2. another bump. No phantom 410 owners out thete able to help me out??
  3. Its a bit early in the Am man, check later for UK Members, I'm only on cause I finished a nightshift :)
  4. Yes, most(if not all) fans that are labelled as 140mm will fit into any chassis slots for 140mm fans. you can put a CM fan into NZXT case, or NZXT fan into a Corsair case, etc. (Heck, even unbranded 140mm fans into unbranded cases)
  5. +1 to Firedrops
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  7. I have this case. Any 140 mm fan will fit. :-)
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