Intel Core i3 2120 vs AMD FX 6100

The FX 6100 costs about $10 more now, but it has 6 cores vs. Core i3's 2, I'm aware that Core i3 is a better all-around processor, but Core i3 is not much of a over-clocker while I can get considerable more juice out of FX 6100 so which one should I go with? My main usage will be general application, watching and encoding videos, gaming is negligible.
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  1. For encoding videos I would go for the FX because of the cores, but the performance would still be similar. The extra thing that the FX has going for it is overclockability. If you have good cooling go for the FX. For gaming though, the i3 blows it out of the water! Also, if you can wait, let Ivy Bridge settle in and maybe buy a ivy bridge CPU or a Sandy Bridge i5. I love my 2500k and even though it is now last gen it still is a killer CPU even at stock speeds. :)
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