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I have MS-7525 (Boston) motherboard with Intel dual core e2220 2.4ghz processor,2gb kingstone ddr2 ram,180w PSU, Geforce 9300 video card.many of the games do not work on my i decide to upgrade the video card.can anyone tell me about which card is best for budget is 6000rupees.
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  1. A 9300 is very outdated (though still 2 generations ahead of what I have). I don't know what 6000 rupees are in USD, however, the one thing that I'm seeing that will cause big problems is your PSU. You practically won't be getting any upgrade with just 180 watts. You'll almost certainly have to upgrade your PSU before you can upgrade your video card to anything halfway decent. The CPU is a bit weak as well, though it shouldn't be too much of a problem. The PSU is the first thing you should upgrade.

    Edit: then again, you might consider buying (or building) a new budget computer.
  2. How much PSU is enough for me an which video card is best for me.My total budget for PSU and video card was 180(approx.) in USD.Please give an advice.
  3. You can get a decent PSU for ~ $20-40 from, and a $150 video card would be a HUGE upgrade for you.
  4. Which video card and how much PSU is best for me.
  5. I couldn't really say. I'm in a similar situation as you (with a smaller budget) and I'm looking at a Radeon HD 5670 with 1 GB of DDR5 ram for ~ $80 on and a 350W PSU that I already have (they cost about $20). My best advice would be to read over this,3067.html and browse over the graphics card section at Newegg until you find a nice match then pick a PSU based on the requirements of that card. Sorry I can't give you any specifics, I'm pretty new to all this, but I'm sure someone around here can be a little ore helpful than me.
  6. Is a hd6770 1gb video card is good for me and how much PSU it needs.
  7. Which card is better:GTX460 or Ati hd6770.
  8. The GTX 460, according to Wikipedia, is about 50% more powerful based on gigaflops than the HD 6770. The HD 6750 is still more powerful, though only about 11%.
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