CPU 100% usage. Unable to locate the issue.

Hi guys! The problem is easy: When i run games or i got some tabs on my browser, my CPU usage reach 100% ASAP and the temperature gets high.
What i've done:
Complete components cleaning.
Re-applied thermal paste.
Registry and processing clean up.
Malware/Spybot scan.
Changed the old PSU.
What else i can do to fix that? It appeared from nowhere!

My cpu is an AMD Athlon 64 x2 5000+ 2.6Mhz.
Thank you all for any possible help.
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  1. use ms config and see what running in start up. a lot of time people load a lot of programs that they dont need like itunes or google updater at start up. all that should be loading at start up is your anti virus software and video control pannel.
  2. " Registry and processing clean up. "
  3. Checking msconfig will show you (under the startup tab) what's in your start folder that you have starting with windows....also by using task manager (right click on the taskbar in an unused area and choose task manager) you can take a look at running processes and choose the descriptor tab that says memory...by clicking on the memory tab...you can see what is hogging the ram and that will allow you to see under the cpu tab what is using the most ram and which process is using the most cpu cycles...it lists them in descending or ascending order and by clicking on the tab you can choose descending or ascending...this will show what program or process is the offender.

    If your luck is like mine...it will be a svchost.exe that is causing this and there a large number of these under running processes...however I would suspect some kind of malware or virus and possibly a rootkit infestation that is causing the damage...you would need to boot into safe mode to eliminate as much of your running processes as possible and then I would get malwarebytes and run it to check for these issues then run your antivirus software and perform a FULL system scan...also know this...most really nasty malware or viruses tend to hide in your system restore files...I just turn off system restore, run the scans...clean whatever you find...then turn on system restore and perform a backup at that time...this helps immensly in preventing reinfecting the system on restart and being back at square one after all your hard work!

  4. I've already checked msconfig/task manager... Nothin! :S
    I've done a scan in safe mode with MWB's. I'll do a scan in safe mode with my anti virus program.
    And the system restore was disabled, ofc.
  5. Im not able to edit posts. So i'll write here that the scan has found 5 malwares, all removed, but the problem is still there.
  6. bump
  7. download and run malwarebytes anti-malware...it's pretty efficient at finding hidden processes and dug in malware.

    It should find anything you have left and then get


    Shows you a LOT more than task manager...read through how to use these tools or look for videos on youtube as to how to be effective with them.

    This will provide you an indepth view of what's going on with your system and should show you your issue!

    Good luck and post back with what you find PlEASE!
  8. Ooook , now i got a bunch of .exes... What shoud i run? Anyway i know that theres nothing going on underneath the surface... Its shows 100% because of the temps maybe.
  9. The best way to determine which is the offending app...LOOK AT THE MEMORY useage in taskmanager..you can click on the mem tab for up or down...meaning what's using the most memory to what's using the least memory...you want to see what's using the MOST MEMORY...once you discover what is using the MOST memory...see if it ALSO has a high cpu cycles useage as well...when you discover a pair that match...an app that's using the most cpu cycles AND has a high amount of ram/mem useage...that's gonna be your problem...also sounds like some malware still may have left something behind that didn't leave with the offending malware removal...this can be very difficult...once you discover what app with high cpu AND mem numbers...you can look online for the particular malware or app and known issues that match yours.


    ALL these articles contain links to pertinent software and describe what I have been saying above...these are a great start to figuring out what IS going on and you can run through them to see if any of them eliminate your issue OR illuminates the malware you found and which may have been the issue impacting your cpu peformance and creating the high temperatures you are dealing with!

    Good luck and let us know if anything helped...sometimes the ONLY way I could fix this issue was to peform a clean install of the O/S...this sucks but sometimes it's the quickest and only way to get back to where one needs to be...especially since the system restore was disabled...man that's harsh...but I've been there numerous times and sometimes I get lucky...sometimes not.

    Let us know friend...we are here for ya!:)
  10. Thanks! Even if there are not such applications running at those levels.. I wonder, it can be a GPU problem? I just noticed that the GPU, since the beginning of this story, kept his temp higher and higher... Now i cant even run a shitty java game on facebook. Theres a connection between my GPU dying and my CPU overheating?
  11. WELLLLL the gpu does talk to the cpu via it's northbridge bus...through the pci-e lanes.

    If the cpu is taking a powder...or the controller exchanging data between the cpu and gpu is taking a powder...it could be causing an issue...but the cpu hitting 100% and staying there IS unusual if the gpu or it's supporting controller and busse lanes are damaged I guess MAYBE??

    Another thought though...YOU might try this...Start the machine in SAFE MODE...just google how to do so...and only load base drivers...try it with "network enabled" AND "network disabled" the options are presented when you load safe mode!

    If the issue IS with hardware the issue will still be present..IF it's a software issue...the issue should NOT be present.

    Try that to eliminate one or the other...in other words if you start in safe mode and the cpu STILL hits 100% and stays there even in safe mode...odds are it IS a hardware issue...not guaranteed but if it's present..then either windows itself is the issue OR it's a hardware problem with either the controllers..the pci-e lane itself...the cpu or the gpu!

    If the issue isn't there in safe mode...YOU KNOW it's a software/application issue instead most likely causing the problem!

    Give it a shot and see what happens! We may yet get LUCKY!!!:)

    We'll keep on trying until we figure it out...let's hope it's a software issue and even if you have to reinstall windows...it's better than having your gpu OR cpu be failing!

    Good Luck and let us know what happens!
  12. Already tried in Safe Mode.. Its the same, well, its a BIT warm, but not that much, anyway i cannot try anything in Safe Mode 'cause i cannot run games in that mode.
    Next week i should receive a new GPU... I hope to get MOOORE luck from the GPU switch!
    Maybe we are confusing the issue a lil'.. The usage goes to 100% but i think that reach the max because of the temps.. So maybe the effect is the cause or vice versa.
  13. New GPU. Nothing changed. And no one out there, can solve my issue... Lol.
  14. So in Task Manager none of the processes are using any CPU? It's just magically maxing itself out?

    I'd probably just go with a Windows wipe and re-installation.
  15. "Magically"... Mmh... Yeah! I just need to start a game... Like the minecraft MENU, not the game itself, just the menu... And it flies right to 100% while the temp goes to 72c° or so.. Now im preparing my files for a backup&format... If the format fails i will just throw the case from the window.

    P.S. are we sure that format can do anything? :\
  16. Im going to change the CPU... I dont see any other solutions to solve it.
    Don't know how to check compatibility with my MoBo... There are sites to view it?

    My MoBo is an nVidia Nforce 6100-405/430, thanks for any reply!
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