Scary / Case - Motherboard question.

well first things first. i opened up hardware monitor as i run it 24/7 all the time. and i saw this weird number.

Also Second question. Would a Hyper Master 212 plus work with a NZXT Gamma Case?

NZXT Gamma -
Hyper 212 + -
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  1. The Hyper 212 should fit that case for sure.

    I'd really question that number though - was it a fluke? Did you notice the fans acting any differently? What happened when you reset your PC? Did it reproduce that number RPM or did it stay the same?
  2. i havent restarted for a day. and the only time my cpu fan ever hits 6,000RPM not 30,000. is when im hardcore gaming. im hoping this numbers an error. if its real. it must have been when i was at school. and im planning to get a new cpu fan cooler since the 6,000rpm sounds like a jet engine on the stock cooler. but that fan number i have no idea what fans that connected to. as i have 4 fans. 3 led 1 non led 1 heatsink and 1 on my gpu. my gpu idles at 2,000rpm. 29c* and my cpu idles at 3,500RPM 35c*. so im completely clueless. as the 3 leds are labeled 2,000rpm and the case fan thats not led is labeled 1,500 rpm.
  3. I wouldn't worry about that fan reading. It is almost certainly an error.

    Even if the fan motor was able to spin up to that speed it would likely disintegrate from the forces involved.
  4. while looking at the output of the program, unplug each fan you are comfortable unplugging (aka case fans) and see when it goes away. You can then hopefully find which is causing it. Perhaps it's a 3 pin fan in a 4 pin slot put onto the wrong 3?
  5. well its not in any of my motherboard controllers. i only have the Default case fan and cpu plugged into mobo. the rest are plugged into molex adapters

    im thinking it was just a error
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