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hey guys...I just upgraded the graphics card on my old rig and I'm getting frequent bsods
I upgraded from 7100gs(in know ancient) to HD 5670..I also added a gig of ram
as of now my specs are
amd athalon 64x2 6000+
Jetway m26gt3-svp(integrated 6100)
450w rtech(local brand) psu
transcend ddr2 667mhz sdram single channel
his HD 5670 1gb ddr3
Hitachi 160gb hdd(pretty old)
realtek Ethernet port pci.(yes I have two Ethernet ports)
win 7 32bit
I use this pc at 1440x900 reso Max
I've updated the drivers of the graphic cards....(and yes I used driver sweeper in safe mode to remove previous drivers)
now sometimes the bsod appears while normally operating the pc(only twice till now)
but most of the times while gaming
mostly while playing skyrim, pop tfs
DMC 4 runs well and so does mw2
all the games play at high settings at 40fps except for sky rim which plays at medium 40fps
I just want to know if there is any hardware incompatibility or what
and is it my graphic card
or my ram
I know u would need the .dmp file but I won't be able to access that pc for at least a will put the .dmp file later..
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  1. Need the info from the screen, will say what caused the crash. Could be any of dozens of things, RAM, power supply, video card, CPU, etc...
  2. Either your ram is going bad or your psu is failing.

    You can run memtest86 on your ram and you could try a new psu, a quality name brand next time.
  3. Need BSOD information, without that we're lost, like hand-the-9 said.

    You haven't overclocked anything? Checked temps? etc, could be some many different things.
  4. it could be the psu. old, generic psus run out of juice faster than good ones. components age faster due to usage.
    is it possible to use a different psu on the pc and test during gaming - especially a good one, with around 32A or more on the +12v rail.
  5. Could also be a problem with compatability, especially if the PCI-E bus is version 1.0...

    Without the BSOD stop code, we really can't help much.
  6. well i have run the furmark gpu stress test
    and i had overclocked my processor earlier but i retured it to stock clocks before ugrading the card as i was sure the psu would not be able to handle it

    gamerk316 its pci e v 1.6 in cpu z it states that it runs the x16 at x8 dunno what the hell it means
    havent yet tested the memory...
    and as i said i wont be able to access that pc for a while now ill upload he .dmp files once i get my hand on it
    and geekapproved i know i should have built the sysytem with a better psu but man cut me some slack it was ages ago and this was my first build ive used coolermaster psu for my later builds...thanks guys anyways i will upload the .dmp file as soon as possible
    one more thing should i lock the thread and make anew thread or the .dmp file or should i keep it open until its all sorted out.
  7. AGain, the most important thing is the BSOD stop code, since that usually gives an indication of what type of problem you ran into.
  8. gamerk316 said:
    AGain, the most important thing is the BSOD stop code, since that usually gives an indication of what type of problem you ran into.

    yup thats what i said ill give u the stop code as soon as possible as i cant access that rig for a few days
  9. Ok. In the meantime, I'd recommend testing the RAM with memtest86, just to rule out the most likely canadate for a hardware failure.
    the latest crash dmp file tell me if you need the earlier ones..
  11. Blocked at work; whats the BSOD stop code?
  12. the latest 1 while not playing any games was 0x00000124
  13. and while gaming it was somthing like 0x0000007f or somthing im not sure ill confirm later
  14. STOP 0x124: WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR. This typically means a hardware component ended up dieing. This typically means a hardware fault, but bad drivers can cause the problem as well.

    STOP 0x7F: UNEXPECTED_KERNEL_MODE_TRAP, which basically means something really messed up the system; I'd need more info the properly debug this one, but points to either RAM, drivers, or a busted hardware component [GPU, etc]

    Not really enough to come to a direct conclusion yet, though I'd lean towards a hardware fault.
  15. amdk8.sys, atikmdag.sys, halmacpi.dll, ntkrnlpa.exe are the cause of the 0x7f error
    and halmacpi.dll, ntkrnlpa.exe cause the 0x124 error
    and Unknown_Module_00000005 Unknown_Module_00000005+11f 0x00000005 0x94ca8005 0x94ca8000 0x00000000 sometimes for the 0x124 error

    and sometimes rarely Unknown_Module_011dfe6f Unknown_Module_011dfe6f+18afbe6 0x011dfe6f 0x587a9c3e 0x575c9dcf 0x00000000
    , CI.dll, PSHED.dll
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    atikmdag is part of the main ATI driver suite, which points squarely at the GPU. halmacpi is part of the hardware abstraction layer [specifically, the ACPI power settings], which points to a problem with a hardware component.

    Probably a driver issue then, though its possible the GPU itself has a problem. Try upgrading your GPU drivers, and if you still have problems, test with another GPU if you have one.
  17. well my college has started so I can't access the pc now I'll check it out once I get back thank you for ur help if problem persists I'll pm you
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