Wireless router. Just get the cheapest? Which?

I have a desktop that is ether-networked directly into my cable modem.

Now, I just got a laptop, so it would be nice to have it connect.

(Built-in wireless LAN (802.11b/g/n))

Is there any point in getting anything beyond bare bones connectivity?

Or should I just get the cheapest wireless router I can get?

Can you suggest a brand/model type or link? (Newegg, Tiger, Ebay)
Cheap, widely adopted, kinks worked out, etc

Thanks, and sorry for the dumb question.
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  1. Newegg is a good place to buy, same as Tiger. Even a local store may be competitive depending on the product.

    I'd stick with the well known brands to start, such as Belkin, Dlink, Netgear, or Cisco. Make sure to get one that states it is an N compatible router b/g/n so you can use the speed your laptop's internal card is capable of.

    After that, they are going to be very similar at the low end. Take a look at the features and find some that interest you and start there. All the routers will offer you a CD for easy installation and setup, so that shouldn't be an issue.
  2. Anyone have a link? They're all the same to me. I just want to buy something now.
  3. cheap but run smooth installed 2 last week!
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