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so i am looking forward to playing Skyrim and i currently have a terrible graphics card. I have been looking for weeks and i am lost. I have a a pcl express and only one power outlet on my motherbored. could you pleas help me chose a decent graphics card. my buget is between 100 and 300 dollars and i would like a graphics card that could run Skyrim extremely well.

Thank you in advance
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  1. Stm_64 we need more information that what you have provided. Like what psu you have, what your current card is etc.

    Now if it were I, i'd go ati/amd (i'm a fan boy yes) and tell you to pick up a the best card you can, probablly a 6950 or a 6870 for your price range. I do recomend staying away from the Asus DC II's though, not that its a bad card, but taking up 3 slots is just terrible. I know because I have one.
  2. It would be helpful to know some specs about your system. Here is a good starting point:

    CPU: model and
    _ Gigs of RAM:
    Power Supply (you may have to open up your case to find this)
  3. well i have 4 GB of RAM, MY CPU is Dual core intel core 2 duo E8400. My mother bored is an intel eagle. i have 1 power supply. i hope this helps, i am completly new to all of this and to be honest very lost
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