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Quad Core Or Dual Core CPU Need For Gaming still 2014?

Everybody confuse about their requirement bcoz Quad Core Or Dual Core CPU for gaming.
Generally Mid Budget configuration can't afford decent GPU for getting a quad core CPU .
Also Mid Budget owners[Like I] are not afford a new CPU+MOBO upgrade every 3 years.
Hope you are all understand in that case budget & future proof is main concern.

Many people think that in future (2013) games are need Quad Core CPU.

So expert are please explain us that what we need for gaming Quad Core Or Dual Core CPU ?
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  1. I saw in ur other thread that ur budget is for either an AMD quadcore or a icore dualcore. In that case it will be alot better to buy a dualcore. Right now only very few games use quadcore, and even in those games the AMD processor is barely ahead of an icore 3 2100. And if u buy an amd quadcore, you have no real upgrade path, while buying an i3 2100 now, will allow you to upgrade to ivy bridge in the future cause they both use socket 1155 motherboard, so it ireally is a no brainer.

    Even if games mostly use quadcore by 2014, buying amd now makes no sense, as they would probably be too weak by then.

    Buy a socket 1155 motherboard and i 3 2100/2120 now, and upgrade to ivy bridge cpu in some years if u feel u need to.

    Ofc if u can afford an icore 5 2500k now, that is an awesome buy.
  2. That mean in future I only change CPU ,No need to change Mobo. :o

    i would take that threads advise .

    haswell and steamroller will be out in 2014 so you will probably have to buy a new mobo anyway .
  4. I dont agree with his conclusions. With intel u have better performance with i3 in most current games,and you can upgrade to ivybridge. I kinda doubt ivybridge will only last for a year, and I am more than certain u can use it for many years to come. Even some of the old core2duo can be used still in midrange gamers. Buying Bulldozer is just dead end atm, and AMD just seems to lack further and further behind intel on the cpu market.

    Well do as you please, but going AMD and even less bulldozer chip as that guy suggest I would advise agaisnt it, even the old amd chips are better at gaming than the new.
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    but what about piledriver . and if the old amd chips are faster then he can get one . it also depends on which games he plays because the i3 doesn't always win.
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