Prebuilt + upgrade, compatibility check? possible issues?

I'm planning on buying a prebuilt tower then upgrading VC with a Sapphire Radeon 6850 -

and upgrading PSU with OCZ ModXStream Pro 600W -
Both the VC and PSU already bought, got some good deals on them. (~$130AR and ~$35AR, respectively).

So far, I've looked at Dell Inspiron 570, 620, some HPs, but this Gateway DX4860-UB20P refurb seems the best
--has a core i3-2100, 6gb ram, 1tb hd for ~$380

Uses: home use, light - medium gaming (LoL, Dota2, Dungeon Defenders, some easy MMOs on medium settings...), possibly converting it to a HTPC sometime down the road...
Budget: hoping $500-$600 total (including $165 from VC and PSU)

Specs I'm shooting for in the prebuilt:
- Intel Core i3-2100, or equivalent/better (flexible)
- 4+ gigs of RAM, extra slots a plus so I can upgrade later
- Gigabit LAN, wireless
- 500+ GB HD
- as many USB ports I can get...the proposed Gateway has 10
- under $400 pre-tax if possible, $450 to $500 max (like a good deal on an i5 or i7 :o)

- anyone have experience with this tower before?
- any compatibility issues, ie mobo compatibility with the VC, tower size not large enough for VC?
- cooling issues? worst come to worst, i leave the tower open and i use a personal fan to cool the entire inside of the comp.

Any help/insights are appreciated. :wahoo:

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  1. Hello gigawatts;

    It looks like a clean upgrade path to me.
    In your position I'd hop over to the Gateway support forums and see what other DX4860 have been doing for upgrades and if they ran into any snags.

  2. Just so you are aware, the monitor is not included with the gateway deal.

    That being said, it isn't a half bad price assuming everything is in working order.
  3. Great, thanks a lot. I just wanted to check if there were any glaring issues I was overlooking. Much appreciated!
  4. When you want to add a graphics card to an OEM PC all you usually have to do is get a new video card and PSU and you have those covered.

    As long as all the parts are included you should be fine.

    Operating System
    DVD drive
    Hard Drive

    If you have all those things checked off as included in the deal then add the

    video card

    that you already have and you are ready for gaming.
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