A couple questions about a Hyper 212 Plus.

I recently purchased a Hyper 212 Plus for the build I am working on and I'm wondering if it'd be best to install it with just the one fan that is included and already mounted on the cooler, or if I should put a second fan on it, since I have one laying around. And if I do add the second fan, how should I place them? Should I have one blowing in and the other blowing out, both blowing in, or both blowing out? Just wondering which would be the best setup.

Another thing I was wondering about was, should I use the Cooler Master Thermal Paste that was included with the cooler, or should I use some Arctic Thermal Paste I have left over from my last build. Which would be the best choice as to keeping the CPU cooler?

Thanks for any help!
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  1. Well, since you already have another fan to use, you might as well use it. It won't help bring the temps down a TON, but it will help some.

    You should put them in a "Push/Pull" config, which means one pushing air into the fins (the way it is stock) and one pulling air out. Just flip the second fan so that the front label is facing toward the fins instead of away like the fan the came with it.

    And since you already have the AS5 paste (I'm assuming it's AS5) you can go ahead and use that too. There's not a huge difference between that and the paste that comes with the 212+, but you already have it, so why not use it?
  2. I think two fans wouldn't gain you very much and I wouldn't waste too much time implementing this. If you do place both fans on the cooler, benchmark the heat before and than after so you can justify why you put it on. Who knows, maybe it will be an awesome improvement.

    My theory on fans is to always have fans going in the same direction if you can. You don't want fans fighting each other.
  3. When I added a second fan to mine, there was just more noise with a very small temperature change. Maybe two fans become more beneficial as time passes and the fins become clogged with dust and hairballs. But it is a fun project if you enjoy tinkering.
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