Gaming system around 700

Approximate Purchase Date: next 2 weeks

Budget Range: $700 or less After Rebates

System Usage from Most to Least Important: gaming, surfing the internet,

Parts Not Required: keyboard, mouse, monitor, speakers

Preferred Website(s) for parts: any

Country: USA

Parts Preferences: have been looking at i5 2500k

Overclocking: maybe

OK guys looking for a gaming computer for $700 or less. I have been looking at this Barebones kit but just want to make sure the psu won't kill it.

I know I will need a video card and windows. I have this video card would it be OK in the type of system I want or do I need to get a better one?

I plan on playing Diablo 3 (if it ever comes out) and guild wars 2. Maybe skyrim
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  1. Oh forgot to mention I am willing to piece together a system for better components as long as it's within the same price range.
  2. Cmon guys someone please let me know if that Barebones kit is decent. I'm wanting to get this computer ordered soon. The only possible problems I can see are the case not cooling enough and the psu not being powerfull enough to run the system with a gpu properly but I don't know much about psu's so I need someone to help me out. Help a fellow gamer out!

    Edit: Would Overclocking be possible with that motherboard?
  3. Hi there
    I don't suggest you planning about OC-ing if you're going to go with Intel
    Sure you can go with AMD and OC,but i5-2400 is decent as it can be
    Ok i'll give a part list to you,but say if you need OS or already have
  4. CPU...Intel Core i5-2400(

    MB...ASRock Z68 Extreme3 Gen3(


    RAM...G.SKILL Ripjaws Series 8GB(

    PSU...XFX Core Edition PRO550W(

    HDD...Seagate Barracuda 7200.9 ST3500641AS 500GB(

    Total 700$ without OS and Case

    EDIT:if you want to fit Case in your budget,you can save 20$ with going with 4GB ram,and 20-30$ with getting another gtx560 car and you're good to go :)
  5. Wait your saying NOT to oc with Intel?? Everything I have read says there is no problem ocing with Intel.

    What about the Barebones kit I linked to? Would it work for what I want?
  6. For OC-ing,you need 2500K or 2600K(which the barebone you show has)
    Barebone you want has poor MB(by poor i meant poorly upgradable) and not-so high PSU,except that Barebone is good
    But this barebone has a major issue that i5-2500K will be overkill for your system(or MB will be bottleneck),so i suggest you build custom one with i5-2400 or even i3 but with a decent GPU(in gaming,it means a lot)
    and btw,Videocard you linked is just a crap,you need something like gtx560(nvidia) or HD6870(AMD/old ATI)
    EDIT:for OC-ing you also need a compatible MB,but the one in barebone doesn't,so that barebone is useless...
    We can help you build more decent build :)
  7. the i5-2400 doesn't overclock significantly.

    instead of the 560 for $200, I'd suggest the HD 6870 at $150, and use the $50 saved for a decent case (Rosewill Challenger U3 would be nice)
  8. ScrewySqrl said:
    the i5-2400 doesn't overclock significantly.

    But for his budget,i think it's a good idea.isn't it?
  9. Ok what if I don't OC? Could I get the barebones and add a decent video card? When you say the MB is not upgradeable do you mean in the future? Would the PS be enough to power a gpu?
  10. If you don't OC,then 2500K is absolutely Overkill,when you can just buy i5-2400 for the nearly same performance
    look for other barebones,with i5-2400 and something better about PSU and MB
    Yes i mean in future
    you need at least HD6850 or 550TI(150$) for decent gaming,and i think with 550Ti,your PSU shold be fine
    I'm repeating that look for other barebones or build your own...
  11. How do you tell if a mobo is overclockable?
  12. You have to choose a chipset of P67 or Z68...the 1 you show has H61M
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