Upgrading 8800GT, $100-$200 Budget

Looking to upgrade my aging 8800GT for Skyrim and the Old Republic.

BUDGET RANGE: Would like to keep it under $175ish w/rebates

USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: Gaming (Skyrim and SWTOR), running XBMC @ 1080p on my 42" Panasonic Plasmta

CURRENT GPU AND POWER SUPPLY: Nvidia BFG 8800GT. I think my PSU is an 850W BFG.

OTHER RELEVANT SYSTEM SPECS: Antec 800 case, some sort of quad core extreme edition Intel processor (away from home presently), MSI neo2 that fits that socket (LGA775? Not sure)


PARTS PREFERENCES: Doesn't matter location.



ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: Sooner rather than later, looking to drop enough money to get a solid upgrade but no so much that it beats out the fact that I don't use my PC for THAT much gaming.
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  1. Wait a few more days and see if a GTX 560 Ti drops within your budget. Maybe a few more weeks and the GTX 560 Ti "refresh" will drop prices even lower.
  2. or today a 6870 or 560 will work
  3. ^+1 get either of those, or stretch to a 560ti/6950 if you can.

    But 6870/gtx 560 will be a good boost from what you have.
  4. for 250 or so you will most likely be able to pick up GTX 560 ti refresh (GTX 565 i believe). BUt if you really can stretch for 6950 or 560 ti then gtX 560 or 6870 are fine. you did mention something about sli. if you were to SLI 560 ti's it would cost around 500$. I noticed something really cool on newegg that i have been wawnting to reccomend check it out. really! its worth looking at!
  5. It's probably going to be called GTX 560 Ti Core 448. Honestly, wait until the beginning of January to decide. I usually do not recommend on waiting but it's less than 10 days, so what the hay.
  6. So despite all the really interesting banter the cards I recomended are the best you will find in your price range with MIR or just a 6870 without MIR
  7. Best to extend your budget to 250 if you want a decent upgrade for your system, I would'nt settle for anything less right now with all the new games being so demanding on hardware.
  8. Urg, I was hoping not to have to go beyond $200. Student budgets plague us all.

    When the 565's come out, will the 560's drop in price at all?

    What's the difference between a 560 and a 560 Ti? I've been out of the graphics card game... well basically since I got my 8800 GT.

    I can happily wait and was planning on doing so with black friday/cyber monday right around the corner. SWTOR doesn't come out till end of December so I can afford to sit with what I have for the time being.

    Warmaclu: Do you mean until the beginning of December? January would be a month and ten days away...

    EDIT: Forgot that I'm home now. The processor is a QX6850 @ 3.0ghz. I've got a big Zalman CNPS9900A sitting next to me that I've never installed. I figured I'd get a new GPU, install that and while I was in there hook up the new cooler and overclock everything.
  9. achosid -> Black friday might get you a 560ti or 6950 1GB for 200 but I kinda doubt it. Otherwise If you have been playing with the 8800gt and switch to a 560 or 6870 you will poop your pants with exitement once you plug in the new card.
  10. Was looking at this one:

    Seem reasonable? Any preference between a 560 and a 6870?
  11. If it were me I would get the 560 because I like to overclock.
    That card will be just fine.
  12. I can personally say that I have found 560ti's under 200$ before black friday, so I'm 99% sure you will find one at a reasonable price between 150-200$ without a problem. Wait friday and monday... you will get a good deal.

    I'm also hunting for a good video card ...
  13. Even if you don't you will deff see a better price on the 560's
  14. try gigabyte 560ti for his quiet good fans and powerful heat dissipation
  15. Got an AMD Radeon HD 6950 for $150, problem solved!
  16. link ?
  17. Bought locally.
  18. score !
  19. Yup! The 2GB one as all. It's a Diamond and isn't a reference card so I think I'm going to skip unlocking the shaders.
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