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Hey guys, quick question about the i5 2500k and thermal compounds. I'm buying a new 2500k soon and a COOLERMASTER Hyper 212+ to substitute for the stock cooler that comes with the CPU. When i swap out the coolers will there be thermal compound left on the CPU that i need to clean off before putting on the Hyper 212+? and in turn will the thermal pad thats already on the Hyper 212+ need to be removed and i have to apply new compound? Just curious about that mini-process and wondering if I'll need to buy some Arctic Silver 5 and/or Arctic Silver thermal material remover + surface purifier when I purchase the CPU and heatsink. Thanks
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  1. The i5 2500K ships without the fan installed. It will be clean and in a box.
  2. Ahhhh, simple enough, lol. Thanks for the quick replies.
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