Larger psu higher cpu and gpu temps?

Not really sure why, but switched my ocz 650w psu for a 1000w rosewill lightning psu and got higher temps? The rest of my configuration remained the same. 1 200mm top fan, 1 200mm front fan, cooler master hyper 212 +, and the rear 120mm fan. The psu is facing down in my cooler master storm enforcer case. Now with the 650 w idle/load temps were 30-32/45-48. Then with my new psu idle temps are 34C... I know should be good idle temps still. Under load it is 55-58c. Also my gpu temps were 55C with 650 w and now 60C with the 1000w.

my specs
i5 2500k not overclocked
ASrock extreme3 gen 3
2x4 corsair vengence 1600
the fans previously described.
sapphire 7950 oc 1050 core 1450 mem

Like I said everything remained the same with the psu switch. I know the 1000w psu case itself is bigger, but would that really raise load temps 10C? Probably within normal temp limits but i am just curious. I swtiched the psu to attempt some future overclocking and going with a crossfire setup potentially. 1000w overkill? yes probably but during benchmarking my fans would dip speed when initiated my gpu clocks. Thanks for your time!
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  1. put on some more stress only to see temps rise. went up to 58 load temp gpu at 65...not concerned for my hardware I know these temps are ok. Just curious as to why
  2. Is the room temperature warmer now than when you had the smaller PSU? You have to add ambient temp to the mix as well.
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