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Recently I bought a new Belkin 3676 wireless N router after my older Belkin G router stopped working. The router will work fine with our laptops when connected via Ethernet cable, but will not connect wirelessly, or will connect for a second and then go down. Both laptops are Dell - a 1501 Inspiron running Windows Vista, and a 1505 Inspiron running Windows XP SP3. The first night I purchased it, I spent 1.5 hours on the phone with Belkin Tech Support. They were unable to get it to work wirelessly. Both laptops have the Dell 1390 WLAN cards on board. Can someone give me some advice on how to get this to work, or advise whether to try a different router altogether? Perhaps Belkin N routers do not work with this Dell card? We have tried all the usual things for network setup. We have cable internet service.

Thank you,
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  1. What have you tried already? Set the router to B+G operation only? Try different security options, or no security?

    Do the cards see your network but can't connect? Any error message?
  2. Thanks for your response.

    I have tried different security options, WPA has never worked for my computer, so with the advice of Belkin Tech Support, we tuned it down to WEP 64. Have not tried "No security".

    I have not tried setting the router to B & G only, I am not sure how, and Tech Support did not suggest it.

    The card does see the network but will not connect, or will connect for a couple of seconds, and then goes right back down. There are no error messages except - "Cannot connect to wireless network". I have tried using both the Windows network control and the card's network control.

    I spoke to my service provider and had them take a look at the connection. They show the modem working fine, but no router attached! I keep having to unplug it for reset. :(

    I have downloaded and installed all the recommended Dell updates for my LAN card.

  3. If you need to keep unplugging the router for it to work, get a new router.

    Don't suggest Belkin though, try Linksys or Netgear.
  4. Definitely going with a different brand! My last Belkin G router worked for a couple of years without many problems. I am not going to buy an N router either, I think my card is just not up to par with that. The computer is 5 years old now - ancient tech by today's standards.
  5. Most WiFi cards should have no issues running off a newer router. The issue may come from newer encryption standards and broadcast tech (which is why you want to try with no security and setting the WiFi to lowest common signal).

    I'm running several different wireless cards from on-board 6 yr old laptop chips to a Wii to a PCI computer card with no issues on my newish Netgear.
  6. I do not know how to set the lowest common signal. I assume it is part of the router setup options via FTP 192.168......?
  7. Yes through the options in the router. The techs you were working with probably had you go into that area.
  8. Thanks. Yes I've been there. Will look for that option.
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