Please help with my gaming computer

I am currently in the process of building a gaming computer. This my first build and I would like you to review the components that I have and make sure that they will work together. Second I need help with finding a tower to put all of the components into.
Here is what I have so far:

Video Card:
Hard Drive:
Power Supply:
Computer Case: ??????

If you could please review this I would greatly appreciate it.
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  1. I would save some money and go for an i5-2500K and put the money towards a better graphics card. Other that that, it looks like a great build!
  2. Would an i5 be good for WoW and Battlefield 3?
  3. The Core i5 2600k is a sweet processor for the price. I think the main difference between it and the i7 is the multi threading. And unless you're into video editing- you don't need it. I used the i5 in my latest build, and I'll be downloading a game on Steam, listening to music, surfing the net w/ no probs. I'm too old to multitask more than that!

    The GPU is more of an issue than the CPU as far as the games go. I'm not familar w/ Nvidia anymore, but that 550 should trash WoW, and I think it would run BF3- just maybe not at the highest settings. One review said medium settings at a steady 50FPS on BF3.

    And what kind of budget are you looking at on a case?
  4. I dont really know on the budget for the case. I guess whatever would work the best with the components that I have. Also what is a good monitor for this build?
  5. fug1t. Do you think this case would go good with my components?
  6. check my sig for suggestions :-)

    for gaming, its always GPU >>>>> CPU. you should always allocate your budget so that you spend atleast 2x more on the GPU than the CPU, or your CPU will be under utilized in gaming.
  7. Thats way overkill on the cpu, and not enough graphics power. Also you dont need any where near that much wattage on your power supply if you stick with the 550Ti. I would go to a 2500k cpu, keep the same powersupply and with the $100 savings on the cpu, invest in a 560Ti, like this one for $230 before rebate.
    I run BF3 at 1600 X 900 (20" screen), with a gtx560Ti 448 core, and am ok on ultra, but I think 560 would be borderline at 1080p. Even the 2500k is capable of driving a gtx580 without bottleneck, so basically you would never know how good that $300 cpu is for gaming, when paired with the 550Ti.
    Here is a nice cool and quiet running case..I love mine:
  8. Can somebody give me a good example of a build that's around $850-$900 please
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