Cpu fan error.

Hi guys from quickly looking around for a solution i found this seems to be quite common. What happens is my system boots (newly built so windows not insalled yet) it does all its stuff and gets to a screen and saying something along the line of cpu fan error (fan does spin). My fan is the hyper 212 evo from coolermaser and im running a asus p8z68-v pro motherboard. The 6 pin fan power cable is defiantly plugged into the cpu_fan slot. I don't have the slightest of clue when it comes to custom building but i read to have a look in the bios(first time entering it). From what i see it recognizes it and the cpu seems to be at a temp of 22c so im in no doubt that its probably working but the bar for the fan is flashing red (in the bios) and the rpm i think was also doing this, the rpm indicated was around 500 is this low and how can i change it, and what can i do to get rid of the error? many thanks reece
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  1. 4 pin *
  2. Try connecting it to the other CPU fan port on the motherboard... it says your Mobo has 2 CPU Fan connections.
  3. Did one of your fans come with a 4 pin fan connector to molex conversion cable?

    It would look something like this

  4. no, it doesnt come with that cable. im just quickly going to try what jdenova said to o and see if that works
  5. its now plluggedinto the CPU_FAN_OPT and i still got the erro messae but the rpm has gone up quite alot to around 540rpm and as im watching the bios its going up. any ideas? would pictures help or not really
  6. Because your fan is bigger than standard size it may spin slower than smaller fan, you may need to disable cpu fan fail setting if you are using cpu smart fan settings, but keep an eye on fan if doing this first & check temps too.
  7. ok, also do you know if the tpu and epu switches should be enabled? (on the motherboard)
  8. up to you, 1 for overclock auto, other for power saving function, suggest leave at defaults first
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