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Anyone out there that can tell me best way to use two monitors on one computer, but being able to control what you want to appear on each monitor. i.e. scenery on one monitor and instrument panels on the other. I am wondering if a KVM switch will work, but that is usually for more than one Computer. Mac
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  1. I'm using an XFX ATI Radeon HD 5670 1 GB DDR5 card from Amazon.com. At the moment it's only $87. On my Win7 (64bit) the Graphics score is 7 out of 8.

    Running FSX on 3 large monitors my frame rate is in the upper 70's with most of the eye candy turned on.

    Dedicated main stream shoot 'em up gamers will want something in the $1,000 price range, but for flight simers this card has more than enough power.

    Better/newer eyefinity cards can be had for under $200, but I'm actually thinking of reviving an older computer with this same card. Dirt cheap and lots of power.
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